jacub-sokolikYou may wonder at times when watching pafctv.co.uk footage why we have used a single camera, and also why some games are free of commentary.

The single camera coverage will always be from away matches. That doesn’t mean an away match will always be a single camera shoot.For instance this year we took the full video team to Newport and did a multi-camera shoot at Rodney Parade, but often, in League 2 at least, there is little space to take more than one camera, and also little space to take a commentator.

Hence the matches at Cheltenham and Crawley were single camera shoots without a commentator, as there just wasn’t enough space for anymore on the TV Gantry. We also did a single camera production of the away match at Wycombe, this time with commentary. Andy Ballantyne, our commentator, was able to do attend as the TV Gantry at Adams Park is quite large, and if we had known how large we could have taken another camera as well.

At Exeter we were able to use two cameras, as they have a better gantry than we have at Home Park. Yeovil have a tiny gantry, it is just a bit of space on the end of the press seats, but they also have a gantry above one of the stand exits – it’s towards one end of the ground but was fine for a close camera angle, it also kept our cameraman dry this year.

You may also wonder at some of the odd coverage you may see on single camera coverage. You will notice that we rarely, if at all, cover the keeper kicking a goal kick, or a free kick being taken from deep. There is a reason for this. Due to the lack of space we often piggy back the video coaching analysis camera onto our main camera. For video coaching they don’t wish to see the kick taken, they wish to see what the ‘pack’ are doing. That means at a goal kick or a deep free kick, we will move the camera down to the waiting players and not follow the ball. If we had multiple cameras we would do the same, but one camera would focus on the kick taker, with a switch made to the camera on the pack once the kick has been taken.